Sévery Oil Mill

Sévery Oil Mill

Situated above Morges and at the foot of the Vaudois Jura, the Sévery Oil Mill is like an institution for foodies and fans of local products. A compulsory stop on gastronomic holidays, visitors to the mill can discover its famous walnut oil and many other locally made artisan products.

The Sévery Oil Mill perpetuates traditional techniques for making walnut, hazelnut, pistachio and grapeseed oils along with 14 other types of oils produced using old pressing methods.

Walnut oil accounts for over 60% of the oil produced by the oil mill, built in 1845, which also makes flavoured mustards and sweet and sour sauces – a premium condiment.

The Bovey family who have been running the Sévery Oil Mill for six generations organise the Walnut Festival every year in September. This popular festival with children and their parents includes traditional activities, oil making demonstrations and a market selling typical products. Throughout the year, the mill arranges gastronomic workshops and gourmet evenings for food-lovers to enjoy!

The traditional walnut oil of the Mill is also recognized as a presidio product by the Slow Food movement.

The Moulin de Sévery is also part of the network of the Great Swiss Sites of Taste. This is a network of territories that place their gastronomy and their wines as the flagship of their tourist offer. The goal is to promote a destination through one or more products that tell the story of its history, culture and landscape. It is the traditional walnut oil that embodies the prestige of the Vaud gastronomy in this network.

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