Cave des viticulteurs de Bonvillars

Cellar of Bonvillars winegrowers

The district of Bonvillars has been home to a wine cooperative since 1943. The winegrowers who are associated under the name “Cellar of Bonvillars winegrowers” centralise their production in recent premises that are open to the public.

The Cellar of Bonvillars winegrowers is a philosophy, a team spirit, a community of winegrowers who have been collaborating and producing excellent wines for several generations. Winegrowers rightly proud of our land because it is the bearer of sublime grape varieties, pampered in the vineyard as well as in the cellar in respect of nature and respect of the demanding specifications imposed on winegrowers. The Cave des Viticulteurs de Bonvillars believes in its family and territorial heritage and wants to ensure their children a better land, but also wines of great quality that will keep for years and warm the hearts of their friends, families and ambassadors. Olivier Robert, director oenologist, and his team have innovated by integrating new micro-oxygenation techniques and creating parcel wines for the last few years. The 15 grape varieties are cultivated according to each terroir in order to produce wines of sublime quality!

The Cellar of Bonvillars winegrowers wants to present its wines and new products regularly! Their warm team welcomes you in their wine shop in Bonvillars (next to Yverdon) 6/7 days when you can discover their specialties. You can also reserve to visit their cellar, their vineyards or participate in our many events respecting the sanitary norms.

In addition to their excellent wines, it is possible to rent a modular room where family parties, company seminars, company parties can be organized with your favorite caterer and their wines.

Taste their wines, you will love them!

You can also order directly on the online shop :

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