The Maison de l’Etivaz and the Caves à fromage

Cheese cellars of L'Etivaz AOP

During the months of May to October, the farmers of the region are busy making the precious alpine cheese L'Etivaz AOP. These cheese wheels are then transported to the cheese cellars, located in the heart of the village of l'Etivaz, to be stored and refined. During this visit, discover all the secrets of the making of this famous cheese.

L'Etivaz AOP is a hard cheese made by hand from raw milk in more than 130 alpine cheese dairies, located between 1000 and 2000 m. More than 2800 cows supply the milk, which is heated over a wood fire in a copper vat in the time-honoured tradition.

In the centre of the l’Etivaz village, the cheese cellars are entirely dedicated to the typical Swiss cheese, which bears the protected designation of origin AOP (Appellation d' Origine Protégée). Open every day, this place is also a sales point for this delicious alpine cheese.

A documentary shows visitors the process of cheese production on the alpine pastures, while a tasting will give let you savour all the different fragrances of a L’Etivaz AOP. The tour in the galleries, located around the cheese cellars, is truly fascinating: Over 20000 cheese wheels are stored here and are regularly turned and salted with great care during the aging period of at least 135 days.

To round off your visit, enjoy the flavours of five regional cheeses during a tasting session, including of course the L'Etivaz AOP.

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