Petit Train Morges

Little tourist train of Morges

From Spring until the end of the Summer, the Morges tourist train offers its passengers a leisurely trip from the shores of Lake Geneva, through the town and into wine country. Although this colourful train is a particular favourite with children, these comfortable, scenic tours are popular with everyone.

The Morges tourist train takes its passengers on a wonderful trip along the lakeshore, through the Parc de l’Indépendance, past the castle and various other sites and through the pedestrian streets of the city centre. Departing from the landing stage, there is a choice of two 45-minute tours of the vineyards or the town. Passengers are recommended to check the times before leaving and once on board, they can enjoy the journey through the vineyard and the vines and the Morges countryside past the splendid Vufflens Castle. Tickets can be purchased from the driver.

The Little Train has a platform for pushchairs and a place for a manual wheelchair. This 52 seat train can also be rented for special occasions.

  • Morges Région Tourisme
  • Rue du Château 2
  • 1110 Morges - CH

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