Jardins des iris

The gardens of Château Vullierens

Just 10 minutes from Morges, the Gardens of the Château de Vullierens are unique in Switzerland. The castle, with a view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, is the precious guardian of a garden of more than 30 hectares.
Originally dedicated to irises - over 400 varieties bloom in spring and are available for purchase - they have expanded considerably in recent years to become a must-see destination for lovers of gardens, flowers and sculptures.

The Château of Vullierens Gardens near Morges are the most delightful setting for nature excursions, offering visitors a stunning walk through irises, lilies, roses and ancient trees.
Open during the iris flowering season – from May to mid-June – the garden is a riot of colour with more than 50,000 flowers representing more than 400 varieties.

A collection of over 85 contemporary sculptures, growing every year, enchants visitors and completes this magical place.

Art in the gardens...
The arrival of art in the gardens of the Château de Vullierens coincides with the marriage of the current lord of the manor to Dorianna Destenay, a painter. It was she who inspired and initiated the sculpture collection, particularly following her meeting with Manuel Torres.

Over the years, the collection has grown and more than 80 contemporary and monumental sculptures are currently on display in the Gardens, created by Swiss and international artists - Beverly Pepper, Alan Jones, Gillian White, Laura Ford, Dorothy Cross, Christian Lapie, Etienne Krahenbuhl, Manuel Torres, Pol Quadrens, Manuel Carbonnel, Mireille Fulpius, Carles Valverde, Herbert Mehler, Werner Pokorny, Davide Rivalta, etc. Every year new pieces are to be discovered.

...and a bouquet of artists in the Castle's outbuildings
Some creations deserve other attentions. That of a quiet place protected from the elements. Each year the Châtelain provides artists and visitors with a three-storey space in the outbuildings of the Château for six weeks.

Download the map of the gardens and sculptures opposite.

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