Jardin du Diable Vert

Les Jardins du Diable Vert

In the charming countryside of Bex, under the eye of the Muverans, plants, stones and trees live in harmony. At Le Diable Vert, seven thematic, geobiological and therapeutic gardens await you for a discovery or an energetic stroll.

"Garden of the winds, of the simple, of the Witch, guardians of the rocks and wonders, walk to the Goblins"... The gardens form a magical whole and the harmony is felt. There, you take off your shoes and walk barefoot towards other shores...

At the Diable Vert, you will also find a herbal tea room, a decoration shop, an exhibition area with painters, sculptors, various artists and indoor and outdoor plants.

Several theme markets take place during the year.

  • Jardin du Diable Vert
  • Route de Magny 49
  • 1880 Bex - CH

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