Grottes de Vallorbe

Vallorbe Caves

6 km from the French border, the Vallorbe caves are the biggest in Switzerland. Created by the River Orbe, the impressive geological formation consisting of stalactites, stalagmites and limestone columns, enhanced by skilful illumination, is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland and Europe.

One of the best-known attractions in the Yverdon-les-Bains region, the Vallorbe natural caves are well worth a visit. The rich geological formation combined with skilful lighting creates a magical atmosphere for visitors to these caves. Although you’d probably imagine the underground tunnels to be wreathed in silence, this is not the case at all: the river roars noisily but eventually dies down until all you hear is the light trickling of water down the walls.

The Cathédrale, at over 30 m high, is the natural theatre for a sound and light show. The visit concludes with the Fairy Treasure Trove, an amazing collection of 250 minerals from all over the world.

Both summer and winter, the caves remain at a constant and comfortable temperature. Open all year round, the supernatural effects of this exceptional environment are a particular favourite with children and teenagers.

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