Le Tropiquarium de Servion

Servion Tropiquarium

The Tropiquarium zoo puts emphasis on natural barriers and close encounters with exceptional animals. It supports the protection and upkeep of endangered species such as the Komodo dragon, with Switzerland’s unique pair, the Siamese crocodile and the African Penguin.

In the Jorat countryside, just outside Lausanne, the Tropiquarium takes its visitors on an exotic journey to discover rare tropical animals. The modern, well-lit buildings offer different ways of observation underwater views, immersion, an exotic plant environment and a fun building dedicated to renewable energies.

The Tropiquarium presents some rare and exceptional species in large habitats such as its pair of Komodo dragons, which are the world’s largest species of lizard. To get the best possible view, find out about the feeding times on the Tropiquarium’s website.

Open all year, the park offers secure paths that are accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. With a car park, restaurant and terrace as well as picnic areas and a playground, the Tropiquarium offers everything for the perfect day out. A combined entrance ticket with Servion Zoo is also available.

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