Maison de la Rivière

Situated in Tolochenaz, near Morges and Lake Geneva, the Maison de la Rivière is a modern, educational centre dedicated to nature. Perfectly integrated into the Boiron, this unique place offers interactive exhibits inside and entertaining educational activities outside.

Dedicated to this common but little known ecosystem, the Maison de la Rivière offers a variety of unique facilities: outside activities, lake aquarium, giant tactile wall, educational pond, birdhouses, etc., all perfectly integrated into the countryside. Situated on the Trout Trail, the Maison de la Rivière combines fun, tourist and educational activities. Perfect for families.

The permanent exhibition of the Maison de la Rivière tells visitors all about the local natural and cultural heritage, highlighted by two key attractions: Jacques Piccard’s submarine, F.A.-Forel,, which plumbed the depths of Lake Geneva for 20 years and the observation channel, unique in Switzerland, where visitors can watch the fish that swim in our rivers.

The Maison de la Rivière has two main missions: fundamental and applied research and education about the environment in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

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