Flavours Train

Leave the shores of Lake Geneva on the Bière-Apples-Morges line for immersion in the gently rolling landscapes of the Jura foothills while savouring exquisite food: such is the enticing programme of "Train des Saveurs".

To board the "Train des Saveurs" at Morges headed for Apples and L’Isle is a sure-fire way to experience unforgettable moments. Made up of an electric, self-propelled, BDe 4/4 engine and a double-axle B31 bar coach dating from 1895 (the year the Bière-Apples-Morges line was put into service), the "Train des Saveurs" takes its passengers as far as Apples, bringing the fantastic view of Lake Geneva together with a welcome drink.

Change of setting at Apples station as you head for the 1925 bogey AB25 restaurant-coach. In a nostalgic ambience Claude Joseph of La Couronne d’Apples delights his hosts with his cuisine composed with in-season, local ingredients. The gastronomic ride continues to L’Isle, with its view of the pastoral Pied du Jura.

Back in Apples one can continue to Bière for a delightful walk before returning to Morges. Another variant before going back to Morges is a visit to the Sévery mill, the last traditional oil-mill in Switzerland still in use all year round.

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