Swiss Camera Museum

Swiss Camera Museum

The museum exhibits artefacts ranging from camera obscuras and magic lanterns to digital cameras, as well as displaying photographs and telling the story of some of the inventors who made their mark on photography. Workshops geared towards a younger audience are arranged all year round.

Opened in 1979 on the Place du Marché in Vevey, the Swiss Camera Museum was extended in 2001 and the collection has grown rapidly to reflect the massive technological changes in the field.

From camera obscura – the ancestor of the camera – and other magic lanterns to digital cameras, the museum has a diverse collection of appliances but also includes photographs (particularly the first ever photos) and tells the story of some of the inventors who left their mark on this form of art. Due to its reputation, the museum’s collection is regularly enhanced with donations or loans.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are also temporary exhibitions throughout the year and, to cater for everyone, there are special games, texts and installations for the young audience.

  • Musée suisse de l’appareil photographique / Swiss Camera Museum
  • Grande Place 99
  • 1800 Vevey - CH

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