Musée historique de Vevey

Vevey History Museum

Founded in 1897, the Historical Museum of Vevey is housed in Vevey Castle. Previously known as La Belle-Maison, this 16th-century residence was the home of the Bernese bailiffs. The museum’s collections bring the town and the region’s past alive in a historical setting.

Founded in 1897, the Vevey History Museum occupies the rooms of Vevey Castle. Previously called "la Belle-Maison", this 16th century residence was the home of the Bernese bailiffs. In this historical setting, the museum’s collections bring the region’s past alive, from Celtic times to present day.

The permanent exhibition features posters, archaeological objects, silverware, crafts, objects and manuscripts from the Middle Ages, as well as paintings and prints by Swiss craftsmen. There are two remarkable collections that must not be missed: a collection of keys, locks and old cases, which is the only one of its kind in Switzerland, as well as the astonishing work by the Vevey painter F. A. L. Dumoulin (1753-1834) depicting the battles between the French and English in the West Indies during the American War of Independence.

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