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Espace Ballon

Thanks to its microclimate, the village of Château-d'Œx has become the national hot air balloon capital. Learn all about the history of hot air ballooning at the Espace Ballon.

Hot air ballooning fascinates young and old alike for centuries. From the Montgolfier brothers to Bertrand Piccard's world tour, the Espace Ballon traces the key elements of this history rich in scientific discoveries and adventures.

Exciting and fascinating multimedia material allows those interested to learn all about the history, technology and adventure of this way of taking to the skies. During the visit, you will also discover how these hot-air balloons are made.

Did you know that Château-d'Œx was the starting point of Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard's round-the-world balloon trip? It was in 1999, on their third attempt, that the two pilots began their adventure and finally succeeded in circling the globe. Their journey is told stage by stage in the museum thanks to short films.

At the end of your visit, don't miss the Breitling Orbiter capsule, which was used in the first attempt to go around the globe. You can also see the interior of the basket where Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones lived for 22 days.

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