Roman Museum Avenches

Musée romain d'Avenches

Located between Lausanne and Berne, the former capital of Roman Helvetia is a historical treasure and the Avenches Roman Museum, housed in a mediaeval tower overlooking the famous amphitheatre, explores this exceptional heritage.

The Roman Museum is dedicated entirely to Aventicum, the capital of Roman Helvetia. Surrounded by a 5.5 km wall with 4 gates and 73 towers leading up to the ramparts, Aventicum had a population of 20,000, a number that has never again been reached in the history of Avenches.

Opened in 1838, this museum is located in the 12th century fortified tower built on the Roman amphitheatre. It includes a display of mosaics and friezes and explores the history and romanisation of Aventicum and the private life of the Helvetii. The key piece of the collection is a gold bust of the Emperor Marc-Aurèle, found in 1939 in a pipe of the Cigognier sanctuary.

The remains of the theatre and amphitheatre, a temple, a sanctuary, the thermal baths of the forum or the east gate of Aventicum are permanently visible and accessible.

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