Montreux Museum

Musée de Montreux

Near the railway station, Montreux Museum is a mine of information on the history of the lakeside town, characterised by the beginnings of tourism in the Belle Epoque. Open from April to November, Montreux Museum is a cultural attraction for the whole family.

Listed as one of the region’s important architectural sites, these 17th century adjoining buildings have retained a rare architectural cohesiveness.

The Museum Society, founded in 1874, bought them between the years of 1914 and 1920 to exhibit the first collections of natural sciences and local objects.

Today, the museum’s exhibition areas include wide and varied collections of objects such as coins, branding irons, planes and woodworking tools, traditional utensils and so on. Thanks to a donation, an exceptional collection of more than 2,100 thimbles as well as many objects related to lace-work and embroidery were added to the museum’s collection.

From the origins of the region’s history to the tourist era, the museum also presents the multiple facets of the Montreux region according to four themes: history, the land, tourism and the hotel industry.

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