Moudon, member of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland”

Successively Celtic, Roman, Savoy, and Bernese, the turbulent history of Moudon has shaped a rich heritage that is listed as a site of national importance. Many of its monuments and historical buildings are classified.

The former capital of the States of Vaud unquestionably deserves its classification among the most beautiful villages of Switzerland, which adds a national award to its other rankings.

The old village was built along the crest of a long rocky outcrop. This outcrop is surrounded by two rivers and crossed by a single street lined with old houses. stately homes, fortified constructions and monumental fountains. Overhanging the river Broye, high facades prolong the sandstone cliffs and give the town a typically medieval look. Moudon is also the home of two must-visit places: the Museum of Vieux-Moudon and the Museum of Eugène Burnand, a native of the town.

The lower town experienced a long period of prosperity, as evidenced by the countless bourgeois buildings and one of the last covered markets in the canton of Vaud. All these treasures can be admired on a pleasant marked path. It ends with a flourish at the church Saint-Etienne that dates from 1280 and remains the canton’s largest Gothic building after the cathedral of Lausanne.

Although this built heritage is priceless, the cultural heritage is no less so: the famous carnival, which is called “Brandons de Moudon”, celebrates living and popular traditions and has been classified as intangible heritage.

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