Atelier de Grandi intérieur

Musée L'Atelier De Grandi

Musée L'Atelier De Grandi, the house and studio of painter Italo De Grandi (1912-1988) was built in 1939 by architect Alberto Sartoris, in line with the ‘Esprit Nouveau’ principles of Le Corbusier and his followers. In addition to displaying the works of Italo and his brother Vincent (1916-2010), also a painter, the Atelier holds exhibitions featuring two other Swiss artists every year.

The museum is exhibiting the major works of the brothers Italo and Vincent De Grandi.

These two inseparable brothers share the same artistic vision of the world and painting although each expresses his vision in a very different manner. Vincent prefers oils or line drawings when giving expression to his imagination, always in his studio, whereas Italo studies the reality of the countryside, still life or portraits using gouache, oils, water colours, wash or line drawings and sculpture.

In their house cum studio built in 1939 by Alberto Sartoris using the architectural principles of le Corbusier and his followers, l'Atelier De Grandi stages an exhibition of the works of two Swiss artists every year. At the same time the studio will also house a permanent exhibition of the works of the Vevey painters Italo and Vincent De Grandi.

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