Aquatis aquarium vivarium

AQUATIS Aquarium-Vivarium Lausanne

It presents animals through a totally immersive and interactive scenography using innovative digital technologies. More than an aquarium or a vivarium, AQUATIS is an exceptional journey through our planet’s most fascinating freshwater environments. It is a recreational area, a pole of environmental education and a platform for exchanges.

Experience the magic of freshwater thanks to:• A journey of 3500 m2 • 46 aquariums/vivariums/terrariums• 10 000 fishes• 100 reptiles and amphibiansFreshwater is key to the message that AQUATIS wishes to communicate. It will of course determine the pace of the tour that has been designed like the life cycle of a drop of water as it travels around the world. AQUATIS invites visitors to dive head first into an immersive trip around the five continents to discover the main freshwater ecosystems and their flora and fauna.AQUATIS wishes to establish a long-lasting and emotional link with water, vital source of life. The wonderful journey becomes a journey of initiation and the tour encourages each and every visitor to think about their relationship with nature and raises several questions.

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  • Route de Berne 144
  • 1010 Lausanne-Vennes - CH