Abbatiale de Payerne - 2020

The Abbey Church

Open a door and become part of history! The Abbey Church, a landmark of the town of Payerne, is approached in a manner that is playful, interactive, almost poetic.

No fewer than 20 stations mark out a route highlighting the architecture of the Abbey Church of Payerne and providing visitors with an interactive way of discovering its history, sculpted ornamentation and mural paintings.
The trail includes a representation of the hill of the Market Square (Place du Marché), the majestic building's various stages of construction, and a magnificent view of the largest Romanesque church in Switzerland.

The 90-minute tour includes five immersive visitor experiences, five interactive terminals and three vantage points on the building, all enhanced by an aural landscape designed to intensify the experience, punctuated as it is by discoveries that combine current and past realities.

  •  Practical information

  • Abbatiale de Payerne
  • Place du Marché
  • 1530 Payerne - CH