La Fabrique Cornu

The Factory - Maison Cornu

The famous Cornu company at Champagne in the Nord vaudois opens the doors of its bakery for unusual tasting experiences. On offer are an interactive museum, flavour workshops and a gourmet stop at the “bistronomique” panoramic restaurant.

In the heart of the picturesque wine-growing village of Champagne in the Nord vaudois, the Maison Cornu SA offers visitors the opportunity of immersing themselves in the world of the bakery through various discovery experiences. This is an ideal destination for firm or school outings.

Visitors are initiated into the secrets of artisanal and industrial baking in the interactive museum by means of a tactile, olfactory exhibition!

Everyone has the chance of trying their hand in the flavour workshops by creating their own appetizers or other products. The workshops are open to all, individually or in groups, for up to around twenty people.

The visit ends with a gourmet halt at the shop with its café and fine-weather terrace.

Not to be missed is a “bistronomique” meal at the Restaurant 1424! Regional and seasonal products are the focus in a trendy, panoramic restaurant whose terrace opens out on to Lake Neuchâtel and the alpine panorama.

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